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we build dreams & lifetime memories

The aluminum boat dock builder you choose for your dock investment – to bring that vision in your mind to life – is often the distinguishing element between “satisfaction” and dock nirvana.

You’ve waited for this moment. You’ve thought about it. You’ve planned for it. The water is your haven—a place where you escape from the real world,
play with abandon, and celebrate the beauty of nature with your friends and family. This means your dock must be perfectly designed and constructed—
not only meeting your needs, but reflecting your soul with a function, form, and design that is uniquely…”you”.

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reflect your unique style

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Why Buy A Wahoo Dock?

Our docks are engineered for excellence.

Would you buy a knock-off Picasso? Only a Wahoo dock will include our patented dock features. Don’t be fooled by imitators on an such a major investment.

Plan Your Perfect Dock

A boat dock as unique as you are!

Our Dock Essentials takes you through everything you need to know to plan and design your dream Wahoo dock. From layouts to colors, make your dock a reflection of your style.

Definitive Dock Details

Don’t leave your dock undressed!

The devil’s in the details but so is the beauty & fun! Make sure to check out our dock furniture, accessories, and premium dock components specifically selected offered to compliment your Wahoo dock!

The World's Leading Aluminum Boat Dock Manufacturer

every dock we produce is engineered for excellence

The aluminum boat dock builder you choose is often the distinguishing element between “satisfaction” and perfection.

The water is your haven—a place where you escape from the real world and celebrate the beauty of nature with friends and family. This means that your dock must be perfectly designed and constructed— not only meeting your needs, but reflecting your personality with a function, form, and design that is uniquely your own.

Some Of The Most Well-Known Names In The World Are Wahoo Dock Owners!

2 Championship-Winning Football Coaches • Several MLB and NBA Players • 3 Grammy-Winning Musicians • 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame • 4 Top PGA Golfers • 4 Major Entertainment Complexes • A Handful of Fortune 100 CEOs • A NYT Best-Selling Author • 20 Major Corporations • Every Branch of the Military • Even NASA…

Our Company Was Founded by Engineers

who hold patents for many of our dock designs & components

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Our engineering advantage is just one factor that has made our Wahoo CAT3™ premier aluminum dock and our ultra-premium Wahoo CAT5™ the two most prestigious aluminum boat docks on the market.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All docks that leave our Gainesville, GA, headquarters are designed by an Engineer and when you contract with a certified Wahoo Docks dealer, you can also relax in the assurance they were specifically selected by our leadership team for their expertise in the industry. Each Wahoo dealer has also received intensive training, including continuing education, on each and every aspect of the precision construction that makes a Wahoo dock stand out far above the competition.


The dock layout, also known as the dock footprint, is one of the most important decisions you will make concerning your new aluminum dock. Generally, this decision will be determined by your boating and recreational needs.

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1000000(+) OPTIONS

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A Wahoo dock provides peace of mind.
As the pioneer of the heavy-framed aluminum dock almost two decades ago,
our experience and dedication to superior dock design is unmatched.

We pair high-level engineering principles, material science, and intelligent, patented designs with more aluminum and copious reinforcements. Utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the business, every aluminum dock and other structure(s) we build is/are thoroughly analyzed throughout the design process using in-house developed algorithms to ensure peak performance.

Before you ever get the first glimpse of your floating boat dock on-site, we already know every inch. We adhere to such high standards so you can rest easy, knowing your waterfront investment is securely protected.

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The standard finishing touches – and myriad additional options found exclusively on a Wahoo dock – can only come from a company with our resources, investment, and engineering depth. We use over 40 patented and proprietary components that not only make the structural integrity of our docks superb but also make them the most handsome on the water.

A Wahoo Dock is unrivaled in construction and elegance: every Wahoo Dock features railing systems suitable for the finest homes – unsurpassed in variety, beauty, and safety – and corner extrusions that provide rigidity in the most critical areas. Wahoo’s proprietary gangway designs are 30% stronger than those of our competition, and our patented bushings make for an incredibly quiet dock even in the roughest waters.

aluminum docks elegant details
minimal maintenance

For marine applications, aluminum is the most efficient material for a durable, nearly maintenance-free, structure – it simply withstands the elements much better than steel or wood over the long term. Additionally, aluminum requires no protective coatings, making it gentler on the marine environment while reducing costly upkeep.

Paired with our aluminum, all hardware on a Wahoo dock is made of stainless steel and our proprietary HDPE and UHMW-PE auxiliary components ensure our docks and gangways remain uniquely noise-free and long-lasting. The bottom line: the extra steps we take to product a top-quality dock mean you can spend more time enjoying your dock and less time maintaining it.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, and drink the wild air.

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