About Us

Wahoo Docks is the leading floating aluminum dock manufacturer in North America, known for creating top quality aluminum docks, gangways, bridges, and more. We have been building commercial and residential dock systems for over three decades, spending the last fifteen years focused on our heavy framed aluminum dock design with an emphasis on strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance. All residential docks are sold exclusively through a network of dealers, consisting of the most talented dock professionals in the industry, while commercial and marina projects are handled from our headquarters in Dahlonega, Georgia.

When we started Wahoo Docks, our mission was to develop aluminum docks of unmatched quality with an emphasis on strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We wanted our boat docks to be low maintenance and our boat dock accessories… to be top-of-the-line. Today, we’ve achieved that goal. You simply will not find a stronger or more beautiful dock anywhere else.” ~Tim Osby, owner and founder of Wahoo Docks.

Why Aluminum?

Marine grade aluminum has a tensile strength similar to steel but is more versatile, corrosion resistant, and low maintenance.

aluminum oxidation vs rust on floating boat dock

Aluminum Oxidation

Aluminum naturally reacts with oxygen to create a hard and durable aluminum oxide coating, preventing further oxidation and increasing longevity.

steel oxidation versus aluminum oxidation for aluminum docks

Steel Oxidation

The iron in steel reacts with the environment to create rust, which is permeable to air and water.  Rust will continue to corrode internally, degrading and weakening over time.

wood rot versus aluminum rust on boat dock

Wood Decay

In a marine environment, wood is subjected to cycles of moisture and dryness, causing swelling, shrinkage, and encouraging fungal growth. The result is cracking, splitting, and warping of wood, weakening its strength over time.


• Aluminum is the most common metal, comprising 8% of the earth’s crust.

• Recycling aluminum only uses 5% of the energy required for extracting the metal.

Why Wahoo?

Wahoo Docks is owned and run by engineers. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and needs. Through extensive research and development, advanced engineering principles, and decades of marine experience, Wahoo Docks has created a patented Category 5 boat dock system with over 45 proprietary castings. You may find pieces of our patented designs on competitor’s aluminum docks, but only a Wahoo Dock includes the primary facets and benefits of our full design.

Don’t be fooled by imitators on such a major investment. Only a Wahoo aluminum floating dock will included our patented boat dock features.” ~Tim Osby, owner and founder of Wahoo Docks.

We build more than just private docks…

Marine Construction

Wahoo Docks has built commercial marine facilities and wave attenuators all around the world, from the arctic climates of Canada to tropical climates of the Caribbean.

Community Docks

Whether it is a series of private docks for waterfront homes or community marinas, Wahoo Docks can build them all.

Public Access Docks

Every year, Wahoo Docks collaborates with organizations to design and install public access docks, meeting the requirements for handicap access and high traffic use.

Kayak & Rowing Docks

Wahoo Docks has produced many rowing docks for private and commercial use, distinguished with easy access platforms and often optioned with kayak launches.

Floating Buildings

Stores, offices, cabins, and boat houses; Wahoo Docks has built numerous floating buildings for many different purposes.

Gangways & Bridges

Wahoo Docks’ aluminum bridges and gangways offer a variety of widths and lengths, while being capable of supporting the weight of a car.