Wahoo Dock Tunes Boat Dock Stereo

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Wahoo Dock Tunes boat dock stereo can only be found on a Wahoo Dock. This system incorporates a composite wood dock speaker unit professionally mounted to your aluminum dock by your Wahoo Docks dealer.


Wahoo Dock Tunes boat dock stereo system can only be found on a Wahoo aluminum boat dock.

This system has a composite wood dock speaker unit and is professionally mounted to your boat dock by a Wahoo Docks dealer.

The Wahoo Dock Tunes boat dock stereo system includes:

  • The stereo unit – a Jensen MS30BT – can broadcast radio or via any Bluetooth-connected device
  • The composite wood speaker casing
  • 2, 4, or 6 speakers – depending on the option chosen
  • An additional amp for the 6-speaker option


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