Side Slip / PWC Aluminum Docks

one standard boat dock slip and another boat dock slip off to the side

The boat dock layout, also known as the dock footprint, is one of the most important decisions you will make concerning your new Wahoo aluminum dock. Generally, this decision will be determined by your boating and recreational needs.

A waterfront property owner who owns a boat or personal watercraft may opt for dock that allows the boat / PWC to pull into an opening in the dock called a “dock slip“. This is not only convenient, it is also specifically purposed in form and function to protect the boat / craft. But what if you have a boat and a PWC? Then, a side slip dock might be the ideal option for you.  Side slip aluminum docks allow one boat or personal watercraft to pull into a slip located on the “side” of the dock. Because the extra slip is on the side, the craft or boat can just drive straight in very easily!

Through the addition of dock bumpers and dock poles, you can increase personalization and protection. There are several dock anchoring methods available for side slip docks and the dock itself can be covered, uncovered, or a combination. For covered side slip docks, you will have a choice of dock roof style—gable roof, hip roof, or sundeck shade (upper deck roof). You can then further personalize your side slip dock by adding your choice of boat dock decking, a dock ladder, dive platform, kayak rack, dock furniture or other dock accessories and/or finishing touches.

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