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superior shock absorption - increased floating dock stability

Ocean Spring – Rubber and Ocean Spring – Braided are Wahoo Docks’ proprietary elastic floating dock anchoring / mooring lines.

Either of these floating dock anchoring products can be placed in service with cable, chain or rope anchoring to provide a number of benefits:

Fewer Adjustments

By using Ocean Spring, a floating dock owner can accommodate fluctuating water levels with fewer or no winch adjustments. This works for tidal fluctuations, seasonal water level changes, or significant wave action.

Superior Shock Absorption

Ocean Spring provides an excellent dampening effect for floating docks due to wave action and can prolong the life of a dock by reducing incident forces from waves.

Increased Dock Stability

In certain cases, the use of Ocean Spring can improve the stability of a floating dock by keeping the dock pre-tensioned to the ground and thereby, giving it more resistance to move with wave action.

oceanspring dock anchoring method for floating docks
ocean spring dock anchor from wahoo docks

Ocean Spring-Rubber

Ocean Spring – Rubber

Floating Dock Anchoring Method
Ocean Spring-Rubber is constructed using a 3-layer design to achieve maximum performance and longevity characteristics.

  1. The inner core is a cylindrical rubber extrusion, surrounded by:
  2. A braided polyester sheath middle layer all enclosed in the final, outer layer:
  3. A rubber coating to protect the assembly from the elements.

When a force is applied to the ends of Ocean Spring-Rubber, the whole assembly stretches and as it elongates, the diameter of the braided sheath gets smaller and squeezes on the inner rubber core. This causes exponential resistance feedback, unlike a rubber-only product that has a very linear force feedback. In addition, the force is primarily being carried by the polyester sheath which is much stronger than a rubber product of the same size.

Accommodates Varying Stretch Requirements

Ocean Spring-Rubber comes in different lengths to provide the desired amount of stretch for varying water levels due to seasonal or tidal changes. The standard lengths include 4′, 8′ and 12′ and custom lengths are available.

Accommodates Varying Load Requirements

Multiple rods can be assembled in parallel to achieve a wide range of desired loads. Our handy Ocean Spring Calculator will help you figure out what you may need and illustrate why the different options may be necessary.

Ocean Spring-Rubber truly achieves its claims – excellent elasticity up to it’s 600 lbs. working load range. It has been tested to over 1,300 lbs. with excellent elasticity retention.

Ocean Spring-Braided

Ocean Spring-Braided

Anchoring method for floating docks
Ocean Spring-Braided works in a similar way to Ocean Spring-Rubber to the extent that it achieves its exponential force feedback from the polyester fiber squeezing a central rubber core. However, several differences exist between the products creating unique features.

The main difference between the two models is the additional strength of a single rod provided by the Ocean Spring-Braided that is the result of two factors: first, the polyester sheath of Ocean Spring-Braided is much more substantial. The second factor is that the terminations are much stronger. The end result is a significantly stronger product per rod– up to 8,000 lbs. with a working range up to 5,000 lbs.

Accommodates Varying Stretch Requirements

Ocean Spring – Braided comes in different lengths to provide the desired amount of stretch for varying water levels due to seasonal or tidal changes.