Why Aluminum for Docks

an aluminum dock is actually more durable over time

A Wahoo Aluminum Dock Is Efficiently Engineered for Ideal Strength, Beauty, & Longevity

Because of its resistance to corrosion, it is estimated that 75% of the aluminum produced in the United States since its first industrial use in the 1880’s is still in use today…

marine grade aluminum ages better but is nearly as strong as steel

aluminum oxidation vs rust on floating boat dock


Aluminum naturally reacts with Oxygen in the atmosphere to create an aluminum oxide outer shell – an extremely hard and durable chemical compound that prevents further oxidation and increases longevity.

aluminum oxidation vs rust on floating boat dock
steel oxidation versus aluminum oxidation for aluminum docks


The iron in steel reacts wth the environment to create rust. Rust is permeable to air and water, continuing to corrode internally – even after a surface layer of rust has formed – and degrading and weakening over time.

aluminum oxidation vs rust on floating boat dock
wood rot versus aluminum rust on boat dock


In a marine environment, wood is subject to cycles of moisture and dryness, causing fungi to grow and the wood to swell and shrink. The resulting is crackling, splitting, and warping – and weak, unreliable, dock components.

we work directly with mills to create purpose-built, distinctively engineered aluminum dock designs

fun facts:

  • Aluminum comprises 8% of the earth’s crust and is the most common metal found there!
  • A mere 5% of the energy required for extraction can be used to re-melt aluminum. So unlike many other materials, it can be repeatedly recycled, and its original physical attributes never change.

Experience the Difference of a WAHOO Aluminum Dock

maintenance-free materials

Structural Members

6061-T6 marine grade aluminum has a tensile strength similar to steel but is more versatile and corrosion-resistant

Fasteners and Hardware

All our fasteners are stainless steel and used with a zero-tolerance, craftsman fit - a 3/8" bolt fits precisely in a 3/8" hole - for an always-tight, rigid, connection

Bumpers & Bushings

HDPE and UHMW-PE plastics provide a durable, long-lasting, insulation barrier protecting against boat-to-dock contact and silencing metal-to-metal contact on the structure

Excellent Weathering

A Wahoo dock simply will not rust or experience structural degradation from weathering


The structural integrity and beauty of our docks are long-lasting, unlike docks made with other materials where oxidation and decay have a significant effect on appearance and durability in a shorter period

Tremendous Value

Our unique, proprietary, extrusions and castings deliver strength, design flexibility, and aesthetic appeal.