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30+ Years Industry Experience

Wahoo Docks is the leading aluminum floating dock manufacturer in North America. As the pioneer of the heavy-framed aluminum dock over two decades ago, our experience is unmatched.

We pair high-level engineering principles, material science, and intelligent, patented designs with copious amounts of aluminum and reinforcements. 

Utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the business, every structure we build is thoroughly analyzed throughout the design process using in-house developed software to ensure peak performance. Before you ever get the first glimpse of your dock on-site, we already know every inch of it.

We adhere to such high standards so you can rest assured, knowing your waterfront investment is securely protected.

U.S. Patents

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In 2018, Wahoo Docks partnered with Meeco Sullivan to form the largest marina company in the world, providing customers with access to aluminum, galvanized steel, and timber dock systems.

Striving for success, both companies have been utilizing each other’s knowledge and resources to engineer innovative advancements in the floating dock industry.

Whether you are building a marina, a residential dock, or just buying a kayak rack, all Wahoo products have been manufactured on the same production floor, and under the same quality guidelines, as some of the largest commercial dock structures in North America.

The Wahoo Docks CAT5 system is the industry leader in aluminum boat docks with more patented components, more rigidity, more floatation, and more features than any other dock on the market.

Why do we use aluminum? Because it is light weight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance, and will never decay.

Every dock is designed by our engineering staff, tested by in-house analysis software, and manufactured by our team who have built more unique docks than any other company. 
This dedication to excellence is what sets our dock apart.

Through-Bolted Roof Supports

Reinforced Corners

Noise Eliminating Bushings


  • 3 Grammy-Winning Musicians
  • 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • 2 Championship-Winning Football Coaches
  • Several MLB and NBA Players
  • 4 Top PGA Golfers
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame  & Cup Series Champion
  • 4 Major Entertainment Complexes
  • Multiple Fortune 100 CEOs
  • A New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • Over 20 Major Corporations
  • Every Branch of the Military
  • Even NASA

As a leader in the dock industry, Wahoo Docks continually reviews the latest trends in technology to improve efficiency and reduce our environmental impact. As part of these efforts, Wahoo Docks has also developed in-house software for dock design and distribution to aid with streamlining efficiency.


We pair high-level engineering principles, material science, and intelligent, patented designs with more aluminum and additional reinforcements. Utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the business, every aluminum structure that we build is thoroughly analyzed throughout the design process using in-house analysis software to ensure peak performance.

Before you get the first glimpse of your floating dock, gangway, or bridge, we already know every inch of it. We adhere to high standards so that you can rest assured knowing that your waterfront investment is engineered for excellence.

Installed in February of 2006.

Still problem free today.

Client Testimonials

“We have one of the nicest docks on the lake! It has such a professional finish and detail to it. We are very pleased that the dock was completed in the time frame given, so that we have time this summer to use it!”

Emily T.

Customer / NGBL

“Our dock is great. The first week we had numerous people come up and ask where we got it. My neighbor said we upgraded the whole cove.”

Doug A.

Customer / Georgia

“I bought a bigger boat and needed a bigger dock. So I am now on my second Wahoo dock and would never consider anything else.”

Jan C.

Customer / Georgia

“I am very happy with the design and quality of the dock and walkway…and have answered many questions from neighbors as to who/where I purchased them. The dock was first, and I was so satisfied with the quality I had the walkway built. Local rep, Richard Skinner, has been great. Thank you.”

Randy D.

Customer / Wahoo Docks of NE Florida

“We did our homework. It was a lot of the little things that we picked up on. The welding, the quality hardware, the reinforcements. In every case, Wahoo had the best dock.”

John B.

Customer / Tennessee

“We purchased an 18′ x 28′ Cat 5 Wahoo Dock with an upper ‘party deck’ this year and have enjoyed many an hour on the dock, deck and water. Due to the extreme topography of our lake access we needed to have at least a 40 foot gangway. The dock is extremely well built and stable. Railings, gangway, stairs and decking are amazing and tough. Couldn’t imagine anything better. Noel Fuller and the guys from Fuller Marine and Engineering were extremely helpful and ‘did it right the first time’! We love our Cat 5 Wahoo dock!”

Barry F.

Customer / Marine & Engineering

“The appearance of the dock is obviously nice. But, what attracted me was the peace of mind of not having to do maintenance on the dock.”

Tim N.

Customer / Georgia