Can you picture your dock with a glass dock rail? Imagine enjoying the beautiful lakeside view to its fullest. Investing in this unique rail system can truly transform your dock experience, taking it to the next level. You can guarantee your neighbors and other boaters who pass by will notice too.

Still unsure if this type of dock railing is right for your property? So. let’s take a closer look at two major ways glass railing for your dock can change the way you see the water.

#1: Enjoy an Unobstructed View

First of all, when you are out on your dock, you want to see the beauty of the lake and landscape in its entirety—not wooden boards covering up half of the view! With glass railing, you won’t miss one tiny speck of the sunrise or sunset. Whether you are reclining back in a lawn chair or having a picnic on the dock with the grandkids, you will be able to see everything clearly through the glass baluster system for outdoor dock rails.

The glass company tempers glass panels with beveled edging for a stunning appearance—from your dock and even from the lake. Your dock will turn heads and compel neighbors to ask questions. This railing will give your dock a refined appearance that will make it stand out among the typical worn-down, weathered railings most people have.
Available in 4″ wide panels with heights of 36″ or 42″, you are free to choose the right fit for your dock needs.

#2: Feel Safe and Secure

Secondly, safety matters when you are on or near the water. You want to feel safe and secure on your dock. Even more importantly, you want any guests you may have to be safe at all times. This is especially important if those aforementioned grandkids or other young children come around from time to time.

Prepare to be impressed by the safety of glass dock railing. Not only does the railing effectively provide support and a barrier between guests and the water, but it is also made of tempered glass—which creates a super strong panel that does not break easily. In fact, tempered glass is also known as “toughened” glass; you can find it in shower windows and car windows thanks to its durability.

For the Best Glass Dock Rail on the Market, Call on Wahoo Docks Now

It’s time to make the most of your lakeview. Let our expert team at Wahoo Docks help you to create a gorgeous glass dock rail that will allow you to enjoy every inch of the beauty outside your dock year after year. Connect with us now to get started. We are here to answer your questions and help you to design the perfect dock railing.