What can be more serene and beautiful than floating buildings on water? Are you someone who feels like the water is your place to escape, to get away from it all, and to enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature? Imagine a building that floats like a dream. It may just take your love for water to the next level.

Office buildings, stores, restaurants and even homes are now putting down roots (or anchors) off-land. It’s a beautiful thing! Whether the building itself is floating or the building features a floating patio area, the aqua-ambiance is the same. There’s nothing quite like water to make an everyday experience such shopping or going to a restaurant a little more special.

Check Out These Three Types of Floating Buildings on Water

1. Floating Offices
First of all, imagine going to work each day in an office on water. That would certainly be one way to boost employee morale. Who needs to take a vacation day when going to work feels like a vacation? For businesses near water, floating offices can be a smart consideration. For one, it attracts a lot of positive press. It’s also a very chic, European thing to do. Floating villages and developments have cropped up in places like London, Amsterdam and Hamburg.

2. Floating Retail Shops
In addition, how much more fun would it be to visit a shop on water rather than on land? It may be the wave of the future (pun intended). Many builders and urban planners are finding that amphibious buildings, such as retail shops, may provide a way to protect cities and the local economy from rising sea levels.

Whether the shop floats permanently or for a time, this style of building can lead to important flood mitigation. Considering the natural beauty of a floating shop along with the flood readiness feature, it’s easy to see why experts and business owners near water are considering this as a viable option.

3. Floating Restaurants or Restaurant Patios
Finally,imagine eating fresh seafood right out on the water. Floating restaurants or floating patios make that possible. From small, independently owned restaurants to the famous Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong, floating restaurants provide a beautiful ambiance for diners who love being out on the water. And, even if the restaurant is on the edge of the water, a floating patio can provide a beautiful water dining experience.

Let Wahoo Docks Make Your Floating Building Vision Come to Life

At Wahoo Docks, we have built offices, stores and even a large restaurant with a floating patio area for our valued clients. And, creating beautiful structures on water is our specialty. So, get in touch with our team of dock experts now to learn more about making your floating buildings on water dream a reality.