Bolt-on dock accessories are unique gifts with long-term benefits. The perfect Christmas gifts, dock add-ons make it easy to have fun on the water in all kinds of weather. Best yet? Wahoo Docks makes durable, high-quality accessories compatible with floating and fixed docks of all kinds. Aren’t sure where to start? Check out the following five popular bolt on dock accessories gift options.

1. Upgraded Ladders and Stairs

First of all, there are an endless number of ladder and stair variations for docks. Particular designs work best for certain activities. Others are more secure. Preference plays a factor as well. Our dog ladder is the perfect example.
While today Fido might hop in and out of the water with ease, time waits for no dog. A special ladder with wider, shorter steps will help accommodate your furry friends as they get older. It’s just one of a handful of gifts perfect for the boat-loving dog lover.

2. Weather Station

Secondly, small, compact, and stylishly practical, our weather stations combine a thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer. Not only do these instruments add a nautical flair to your property’s decor, but they help you prepare for trouble on the water.

3. Flagpole

Whether you’d like to fly your team colors or Old Glory from your dock, you need a flagpole capable of handling the elements. High winds, high moisture, and high salt content can all make a mess of a traditional flagpole and the platform used to connect it. Keep your flag looking its best with a marine-specific flagpole kit.

4. Dock Stereo System

For those who fish, swim, or lay out on the dock, an outdoor speaker system is the ultimate convenience. The latest models feature Bluetooth for smartphone integration and multiple speakers for larger installations. Be sure to choose a speaker brand known for use in outdoor applications. It will help your unit last longer and it will help keep your guests safe.

5. Watercraft Racks and Ports

Finally, if a new piece of recreational equipment is on Santa’s list for this year, add in a few dock accessories to make it easier and more convenient to use. From kayaks to jet skis, the toys you use on the water often have specific storage options available. Kayak racks, for instance, allow you to store your kayaks securely, so you don’t have to worry about damage. They keep your docks and your equipment well-organized too, so your oars and other components are always right where you need them. Options for larger watercraft, like our perma-ports, make it easy to clean your equipment too.

Wahoo Docks Bolt-On Dock Accessories

Check out the bolt-on dock accessories perfect for that person in your life who has almost everything. The right add-on will keep on giving all through the year. Contact our team at Wahoo Docks to learn more about bolt-on dock accessories now.