At Wahoo, we know that purchasing a new boat dock is no task taken lightly.

Our commitment to you, the customer, is to earn your trust by providing you with knowledge and reassurance that your new custom aluminum dock will be second-to-none.

We know the dock purchasing process can be overwhelming. At Wahoo, it is our goal to help with every step of the way. Luckily, our “Building The Boat Dock Of Your Dreams” blog series can do just that.
Previously, you learned vital dock vocabulary. The terms you learned then tied into understanding dock strength and dock layout. Now that you’ve got the basics, we can start adding some personality into your dock. Today, we’ll start with your dock roofing options.

There are three major dock roofing types to consider when designing your aluminum boat dock.

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Gable style roof

The most common and cost competitive dock roofing option is a gable roof. Gable-style roofs look like an inverted V, or are also commonly called A-frame roofs. Additionally, gable roofs are considered to encourage more airflow on your dock due to the open sides.
wahoo docks hip roof

Hip style roof

Similar to the gable roof is the hip roof. These roofs are jointed to allow for four sides. Hip-style roofs offer better protection from the elements and storms due to the sturdiness of the more enclosed sides. It is also considered by some to be more attractive than a gable roof.

Sundeck with gables

The last major roofing option is a sundeck. Sundecks as a dock roofing option allow for more recreational space on your dock while taking up less space overall. You might choose to have a full sundeck, which covers the entirety of your dock. If you don’t need as much space, you can choose a sundeck with gables on either side. Sundecks are also able to be covered with a shade roof, most commonly done in gable-style.

Either style dock roof is able to be customized in both paneling and color.

Wahoo Docks metal dock roofing panels are the most common and customizable. They are heavy-duty, 26-gauge Galvalume R-Panel pieces that can withstand significant wind and snow. Wahoo metal roof panels are designed to appear seamless. Additionally, you can customize your roof panels from 18 premium colors which carry a 30-year limited warranty.
The second roofing option are the classic tiles. These tiles are made with stone-coated steel, giving your dock the same look as a tradition Spanish tile. They are lightweight, but protect against weather conditions like hail, blizzards, tornadoes and even fires.
Similar to the metal panels, the tiles are made with 26-gauge Galvalume steel base. The process of coating the tiles produces a gorgeous roof that is long-lasting and fade-resistant. These tiles are warrantied against 2.5” hail, 120mph winds, and come in three traditional colors.

At this point, your new Wahoo aluminum boat dock should be starting to come together.

With these options in mind, you are almost ready to begin dreaming about your new, stylish dock. However, there are still a few more steps to take care of. Be on the lookout for the next in our series, where we’ll tackle anchoring methods to ensure your dreams won’t float away.