AridDek Aluminum Dock Decking

Looking for that perfect dock decking? Decking that is beautiful AND low maintenance?

If you define the word “low maintenance” you’ll find that it means: Requiring little work to keep in good condition. This is exactly how Wahoo Decks would describe AridDek aluminum decking; a low maintenance dock decking board option that requires little work for the owner while staying in good condition.

Wahoo Docks AridDek Dock Decking

Wahoo Docks AridDek Decking

What makes AridDek dock decking low maintenance?

  • The 6005 T-5 series marine-grade aluminum and powder coat finish of AridDek needs no staining, sealing, or painting.
  • AridDek requires no structural upkeep outside of a periodic cleaning with soap and water.

Not only is AridDek a low maintenance option for dock decking but there are also many other benefits for using AridDek.

  • AridDek is non-combustible; it simply will not ignite or burn
  • AridDek is durable and built to last. It is impervious to insects and will not split, splinter, decay, sag, crack, or rot.
  • Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity rapidly dissipates heat which keeps AridDek’s surface cooler than other common decking materials.
  • AridDek is family friendly because it uses no harmful chemicals and is stain resistant.
  • And last but not least, AridDek’s unique design creates a 100% waterproof space beneath your deck!

You can also can count on AridDek dock decking to be durable and environmentally safe.

To learn more about AridDek and other aluminum products by Wahoo Decks visit or call Wahoo Decks at 877.270.9387.