floating dock shop cat5 boat dock

The Floating Dock Shop began work on this CAT5 boat dock earlier this week.

The CAT5 boat dock features a standard single-slip along with a wide-side.
The wider side of the boat dock comes equipped with many boat dock accessories and finishing touches. These include a stepping ladder, dock box for storage, and an HP2 port to house Jet Skis!
Ironwood boat dock decking was used in the construction of the main boat dock, as well as the accompanying gangway leading to shore.
The arched boat dock gangway is 25′ in length and is painted a unique Antique Bronze.
Wahoo custom boat dock bumpers line the inside of the slip to protect the owner’s boat from damage.
A gable roof hangs over the dock, protecting it from any and everything up above.
Finally, this dock is anchored to shore by means of Two 3/8″ Cables.

A great boat dock!