The most cost effective residential dock design on the market…

CAT3 docks are the best value residential dock system that money can buy. Combining premium materials and custom components, with world-class engineering and state-of-the-art construction techniques, CAT3 docks are unparalleled in strength and beauty.

Make no mistake, while the CAT3 system may lack the advantages of a CAT5 dock, our patented designs, engineering principles, and materials still make CAT3 stronger and more feature-rich than other aluminum docks. 

CAT3 embodies Wahoo’s quality, service, engineering, and brand at a price that works with almost any dock budget.


About CAT3


CAT3 uses more metal than most competitive docks. Our patented designs, corner connections, roof posts, and post receivers create a more durable dock than our competitors’ designs.

Low Maintenance

CAT3 uses the same low-maintenance materials as CAT5 and the custom bushings make all Wahoo docks the quietest on the lake.

Competitive Pricing

CAT3 is the most affordable Wahoo dock available, usually priced within 5-10% of other brand aluminum docks, but with construction, strength, and aesthetics that are far superior to the competition. 

The CAT3 Features

Same engineering principles as CAT5.

Same in-house design team as CAT5 and Xtreme.

Same dealer network and customer support.

Same grade of structural aluminum as CAT5.

Patented corner extrusions.

Patented noise-reducing bushings.

Four inch octagonal posts, receivers, and post covers.

100% Stainless steel fasteners.

Compatibility with many CAT5 accessories and upgrades.