A floating dock endures stress 24/7, so quality construction is of the utmost importance. The CAT5 system is Wahoo Docks’ most innovative residential dock design; combining premium materials and custom components with world-class engineering and state-of-the-art construction techniques. Unparalleled in strength and beauty, we manufacture boat docks that enhance your property value and last for generations.

CAT5 docks are manufactured with an interlocking system to enhance structural integrity, allowing the dock to support significantly more than its own respective load.

To alleviate stress on bolted and welded connections, the perimeter channel has an incorporated lip to connect with extrusions such as stringers, spreader braces, and corner receivers. These corner receivers also provide an elegant solution to the weak weld points on traditional aluminum docks. Our patented design moves welds away from the high load bearing corners where mitered corner welds often fail on our competitors’ designs.

The pole receivers for CAT5 roof-supports and beams allow for the vertical poles to be fully inserted up to the depth of the dock frame as a fixed-column, rather than the traditional butt-welded pole stubs mounted to the surface of a dock. Not only does this increase the allowable buckling load for the roof or upper deck, this design also eliminates any heat affected weld zones in the immediate area of the load supporting pole. With stronger poles, less view-obstructing vertical supports are necessary, making for a more open dock layout.

These are just some of the many reasons why Wahoo Docks are the strongest aluminum docks on the market. The CAT5 design is also one of the quietest, with patented wear-minimizing noise-eliminating bushing installed between metal to metal contact points, such as poles, receivers, and gangway hinges.

About CAT5

World Class Engineering

Every dock is individually designed by an in-house engineer, tested by our proprietary design and analysis software, and manufactured by a team who create more unique docks than any other company.

State of the Art Welding

100% of the welding on a Wahoo dock is performed in a controlled environment, by skilled professionals, using the latest MIG welding technology.

Material Science

Wahoo understands the mechanical and environmental stresses constantly placed on floating structures, which is why we take a scientific approach to material selection. Quality materials are the main reasons our docks perform well over time.

Custom Components

Wahoo has invested in the development of many custom components including: aluminum extrusions, bumpers, castings, fasteners, decking, and trim. This dedication to excellence makes our docks as economical as possible, with a craftsman finish that would rival an estate home.

Installed in 2008…

Still problem-free today.

The CAT5 Difference

Strong yet aesthetically pleasing, capable of supporting both roof and upper deck structures.

4 Inch Octagonal Poles

CAT5 docks are compatible with Wahoo’s custom glass rail, picket rail, or cable railing options.

Engineered Railing System

Rigid roof and upper deck structures engineered for specified weight and wind load requirements.

Rigid Roof Structure

Patented corner extrusion designed to interlock with channel pieces and provide roof pole support, eliminating stress on welded joints.

Heavy Duty Corners

Patented interlocking joist system that provides a watertight barrier under an upper deck structure.

Dry Joist Protection

Roof poles are through-bolted to the heavy duty receivers along top and bottom.

Through-Bolted Roof Supports

There are numerous finishing options available for CAT5 docks, including full frame bumpers.

Finishing Trim Work

Unique mainframe extrusion with integrated gusset supports

9 Inch Mainframe

Bushings are used between metal-to-metal contact points such as roof poles and hinges

Noise Eliminating Bushings

Proprietary gangway hinge rail design, welded or bolted to dock frame

Heavy Duty Hinge

Welded gussets for mainframe strengthening and stringer support

Gusset Reinforcements

High impact-resistant polyethylene floats with foam core

Premium Dock Floats


The structural enhancements and defining details on a Wahoo Dock come from our own patented designs. While other manufactures mimic our componentized system, only Wahoo docks include our patented features and benefits. Some of the many patents include: corner connectors, post and rail systems, fascia channels, gangway hinges, and noise reducing bushings.

More Aluminum

Designed for harsh environments, the mainframe includes 9″ aluminum bars with interlocking connections, providing even weight distribution.

More Flotation

Analysis software computes the optimal buoyancy for every Wahoo dock, ensuring that it floats level and supports live loading.

More Rigidity

A 6″ channel is incorporated into the frame, increasing rigidity, eliminating the need for diagonal bracing, and minimizing stress on joints.

More Features

Wahoo Docks offers more options and accessories than any other manufacturer. This allows for more possible unique dock configurations.