Classic tile roofing offers your dock the protection it needs while maintaining an upscale appearance. The difference in cost to other materials is negligible for the benefits, and the performance is on par with the highest quality roofing options available on the market.

Explore Your Best Options for Dock Roofing

At Wahoo Docks, we don’t just lay down flotation decking and move on to the next client. Our customized design services consider what’s needed for long-term satisfaction. Everything from our Ironwood and cement panels to our patented AridDeck aluminum decking can stand up to the worst Mother Nature delivers. Furthermore, our roofing adds additional protection to your investment.
Roofing also provides coverage for your watercraft and the people using them. And, we have several styles of roofing that is  customizable to your specifications. Of course, some choices are better than others. Given the use of your dock, you might opt for an upper-story sundeck with partial to no cover. In other situations, you might have two or more stories, with multiple roof options.
Once you decide on whether you’ll need a roof or not, we have two popular options for styling:

● Gable roof: classic look, available in any height and pitch to accommodate the tallest boats and boat lifts
● Hip roof: 5×12 pitch, stronger design, perfect for shouldering increased loads from snow and ice

The appropriate roofing layout will ensure you get the most from every dollar you invest in your dock installation, from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. The right roofing materials will lend more value to your project as well, as the right tile has a big impact on curb appeal.

The Strength and Durability of Wahoo Deck Roofing

First of all, we use 26-gauge Galvalume in the construction of our roofing panels. It’s a type of steel perfectly suited to marine environments. Our dock roofs won’t rust, rot, crack or curl. Additionally, our classic tile roofs are fade resistant. You will enjoy a sophisticated appearance through the years as your neighbor’s tin roofs corrode over time, while yours will retain a pristine touch normally reserved for homes and luxury recreation facilities.

In addition, you’ll receive those benefits at a significant savings. And, our tile selection is stone-coated Galvalume steel, not actual tile. It’s a subtle difference and one your guests won’t be able to pick up on.

The Differences between Classic Tile Roofing vs. R-Panel

R-panel and classic tile are the most popular roofing products we offer clients. However, they have some important differences. While both are strong and damage resistant, they cater to distinct markets.

● R-panel: clean lines and an industrial look, coated in Kynar 100 finish, available in 18 colors
● Classic tile: resembles real tile roofing, durable, fade resistant, available in three traditional colors: Barclay, Driftwood and Spanish Red

Classic tile is the optimal choice for the discerning property owner. The question is, which type of roofing tile is best for your needs and budget? Let the experts at Wahoo Docks give you advice.

So, contact us today for a quote on using classic tile roofing in your next project.