“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
~ William A. Foster


Bumpers offer protection for both the dock and boat. Wahoo’s standard bumpers are made out of black rubber and polyethylene and secured using 100% stainless steel fasteners.

CAT5 Mainframe Bumper: The 10″ HDPE mainframe bumper covers the edges and corners of the CAT5 docks, offering  protection and a cleaner appearance.

P-bumper: This type of bumper is mounted on the edge of the dock to provide surface protection between the dock and watercraft.

Pole Bumper: Pole bumpers face outward from dock poles, preventing watercraft from contacting the metal surfaces.


Dock cleats are aluminum fixtures used to moor a boat. They are typically mounted along boat slips, perimeter deck surfaces, or on roof poles.

Residential Cleats: Available in 8″ length, these cleats are perfect for mooring your boat.

Commercial Cleats: Available in 12″ and 18″ lengths, these custom frame mounted cleats can secure some of the largest marina vessels.


Dock floats are generally mounted to the base of the mainframe structure. Wahoo Docks uses foam filled PermaFloat drums, which meet the Corps of Engineers regulations.

In house software is utilized when determining float size and mounting location to ensure optimal buoyancy and level floatation.


Standard gates may be mounted between gangway railing.

Security gates mount to the end of the header or gangway, often built as a full size door with extensions to either side to block off access to the dock.

Stair gates block off upper deck staircases to limit access.

Jump gates close off the end of jump platforms and traditionally match the surrounding railing.


Wahoo docks can be designed to accommodate a number of different brands and styles of boat lifts. Our team of engineers will determine the structrual reinforcements, flotation requirements, and winch locations for such lifts.

Personal Watercraft Lift: PWC lifts traditionally consist of a floating plastic frame with smooth rollers for loading and unloading small watercraft into the water.

Boat Lift: Boat lifts are designed to remove your boat from the water when not in use for protection and storage.

Pump Platform

An extension built into the frame of the dock to secure an irrigation or wash pump without obstructing dock space.

Slip Angles

Often referred to as “Corner Walks,” slip angles enclose the square edges of a boat slip to maximize deck space. These can be incorporated on both residential and commercial docks.

Toe Rail

ADA compliant toe railing is a 2” aluminum flat bar running around the perimeter of the dock or gangway to prevents objects like strollers or wheelchairs from rolling off.

Wall Framing

The necessary framing to fully enclose a floating dock as a boathouse, store, or office.