Do you need to remove your dock in winter? If you have an aluminum dock you don’t. It might be hard to believe if you’re basing your decision on old information or information on different types of docks. Wahoo builds our docks to withstand the weather, no matter the season. Take a look.

Dock Materials Make All the Difference

When you buy and install a dock, you want it to last. Not only that, you want it to be labor and hassle-free. Taking your dock out of the water during the winter months does not equal labor and hassle-free. In fact, taking a dock out because of the weather means lots of extra work and cost for you, not to mention dealing with storing the dock.

Aluminum is the material that makes the difference. When you have an aluminum dock, you know it will stand up to the elements. Why? Because aluminum can take it where other materials can’t. First of all, it won’t rust. This is critical when dealing with water during the summer and ice and snow in the winter. Other metals will oxidize and break down, whereas aluminum reacts with oxygen to create a tough outer shell. Aluminum will retain its shape no matter the environment or climate. This means it can take a beating even in the dark days of winter.

Dock Construction Is the Key

Dock construction can also help determine whether it needs removal due to the weather. When aluminum dock design considers movement, climate, and functionality, it will be more likely to hold up over time. It’s essential to use marine grade aluminum and to take hardware and fasteners into consideration during the design phase. Don’t let these crucial factors be an afterthought. Stainless steel is the best choice to work with your dock to make it stronger and more resilient to temperature fluctuations. Compared with other metal dock material or old-fashioned wood docks, aluminum floating docks won’t degrade over time, even with exposure to winter conditions.

Don’t Disregard Proper Dock Anchoring

One thing to pay attention to when it comes to aluminum floating docks is proper anchoring. If your dock isn’t attached to the shore the right way, even the strongest docks can move away from your property with the right storm or ice movement. The best dock building companies will make sure your dock stays put, and stays in one piece, not just this winter but for years to come.

Don’t Remove Your Dock in Winter

Are you going back and forth trying to decide if you should remove your dock in winter? Don’t fret! When you work with the right designer, builder, and installer, you can rest assured your dock is safe in the water all winter long. Wahoo Docks has all the information you need on aluminum floating docks that you don’t need to remove in the winter. Connect with us now to learn more.