Dock Layout Options in Building Your Dream Dock

Standard Boat Dock Layout Options:

  • Platform (no slip)
  • Single Slip
  • Double Slip
  • Side Slip (front facing slip plus a slip to the side; often for a personal watercraft)
  • Custom Configuration (any combination of the above)

This article in our dream dock series covers these different dock layout options and how to choose the one that is best for you and your needs.

At Wahoo, we know purchasing a new boat dock is not a task taken lightly.
Our commitment to you, the customer, is to earn your trust by providing you with knowledge and reassurance that your new custom aluminum dock will be second-to-none.
While the dock purchasing process can be overwhelming, it is our goal to help every step of the way. Luckily, our “Building The Boat Dock Of Your Dreams” blog series can do just that.
In the past two installments, you should have learned about essential vocabulary and aluminum dock strength. With these things in mind, we can move on to the design process. Today, you’ll learn about dock layout. This is essential to ensure that you get the most out of your aluminum boat dock.

Your dock footprint, another word for your dock layout options, is heavily dictated by your own boating and recreational needs.

In order to decide what dock footprint might work best for you, first, answer two questions:

  1. What would you like to do on the water?
  2. How many watercraft do you own?

If your dock will be primarily used for swimming or fishing, then there is no need for a double slip dock, for example. Narrowing down your needs and desires is essential to finding your perfect dock footprint from the available dock layout options.
The simplest option in aluminum docks is a platform dock. If you don’t own any watercraft but would still like a space on the water, this may be your best choice. A platform dock is primarily used for fishing, swimming, lounging or entertaining.
If you do have a single boat or personal watercraft, the next option is a single slip dock. A slip will provide more protection for your boat.

Many single slips are built with extra platform space, meaning it can be great for both boat protection and a lazy day lounging.

For boaters with more than one watercraft, a more logical option is a double slip dock. Double slips offer all the benefits of a single slip, but with an extra slip for a second boat. However, docks with two slips might have a bit less of a lounging area.
If you’re a boat owner with a boat and one or two personal watercrafts, then another great choice would be a side slip dock. This is a popular option because it increases the lounging area on the dock due to the PWC slip placement.
These four options are what we consider our “standard” dock footprint choices. If you still can’t find something quite right for your needs, the last option would be to build a custom dock layout design. Any of our dealers can work with you to come up with a dock layout that is unique and lasting.
There are endless options when building a dock with Wahoo. These five dock layout options described above, only provide the base for the boat dock of your dreams. With your footprint in place, you are one step closer to making lifelong memories on your new aluminum boat dock.