Relaxing waterfront activities, spent in the company of beloved family and friends, become that much easier with a wide variety of floating dock customization options. Whether you own a residential dock space, rent docks out commercially for others to enjoy or use them for a different purpose entirely, you’ll appreciate the endless floating dock customization options and flexibility of aluminum docks and gangways.

So why are they so great? For one thing, aluminum floating docks are low maintenance, made with eco-friendly and salt-resistant aluminum that suits them perfectly to marine environments. Once you install a dock and gangway, you don’t have to worry about them for years to come.

For another, they are endlessly customizable. Here are four of the main mix-and-match ways to make your dock your own.

1. Size

Floating docks come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than the traditional houseboat or stationary boat, you can now enjoy floating patios, double-decker spaces and boat docks (or a combo). The size of your deck, its levels, railings and more are all completely up to you.

2. Height

Height is hugely variable when it comes to docks. For instance, you might live on a:

  • high hill overlooking a lake
  • long flat leading out to a lake well away from the house
  • steep sea bluff with your dock down below

Whatever your case, we have dock and gangway systems that accommodate that space.

3. Length of Gangway

Again, the location of your water compared to your landing will dictate how long the gangway has to be. We can help you find the right design to maximize the space you have.

4. Anchoring

Depending on how much water levels change, you may need fixed, self adjustable, or manually adjustable anchors to accommodate changing levels. Our numerous anchoring options easily accommodate fluctuating water levels and differences in site layout.

The Best Floating Docks in the Nation

Today, floating docks have overtaken old stationary docks completely. Their economic, environmental and aesthetic advantages are beyond contest. Equally, Wahoo Docks is the uncontested dock manufacturing winner in the U.S., engineered from the best materials for the best performance.

With unparalleled warranty systems, top-of-the-line quality assurance and ultimate customizability, our aluminum docks are bound to suit your needs. If you’ve been dealing with an old, outdated dock, you’ll be amazed by the ease, functionality, and performance of these innovative floating docks.

Are you ready to get in touch with one of our authorized dealers for floating dock customization options? Give us a call today at 1-866-532-8411. We will locate the right consultant for you, either by lake or zip code, to get you the dock you need right away. Time to stop thinking about options and get back to the business of relaxing, so call today.