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Building a new Dock – Thread posted in the Georgia Outdoor News Forum – Woody’s Campfire Talk.

Wahoo Docks Senior Engineer Max Volk answers the question always asked: Which is better – a floating dock or stationary dock?

QUESTION: I’m looking to build a new dock and I was wondering if anyone prefers a floating dock over a stationary dock? If I build a stationary dock I would be able to put a boat lift on it. Otherwise, the boat will just be tied to moorings on the floating dock.
ANSWER: In general, the trend when building a new dock to replace fixed docks with floating docks to allow a fixed freeboard in relation to an ever-changing water level. A floating dock can be floated to accommodate just about any live load [people] or dead load [buildings, fuel pumps, decking choices…] requirement.
SOURCE: http://www.gon.com/