10 Essential Steps to

“Summer-ize” Your Dock

get your boat dock summer ready

                        This boat dock is Summer Ready!

A Helpful Checklist to Get Your Boat Dock Summer Ready

Level Surface

Does the dock float level? Are all the floats in good shape and floating properly? Do the poles support the dock as designed? These are especially important issues if your dock was stored on dry land during the winter months.


Check to make sure no boards or panels have become loose. Are all the screws tightly attached? Have any boards deteriorated and need replacement? If you have natural wood decking, this is a good time for its annual sealant application.


Are you adding any accessories this year? Plan your expansion to best use your deck space.


Are the hinges strong? Do they rotate freely? Make sure all components of the hinge are intact, with no cracks or broken welds. Make sure that the hinge pins are secure and locked in place.


If used, make sure that none of the cables are frayed, broken, or rusted. Are all pulley blocks in good shape? Verify that none of the clevis pins are loose. Do the spud poles, if used, slide freely in their sleeves? Are the poles straight? Make sure the cables for the poles are loose enough to accommodate water level changes. Are all cable clamps tight, and are all cable stakes solidly in the ground?


Are the rails tight and secure?

GFCI Connections

Do you have electricity run to your dock? If so, test your GFCI circuit. Be sure it pops upon testing and that there is no stray current on the dock.


Check the decking. Make sure the wheels are filled with air, if applicable. Make sure your jack works easily. Inspect the connections to the dock and to the shore.


Make sure your accessories are securely attached to the dock, clean and ready to use. No rough edges. Are screws secure and tightened?

Lifts and Ports

If you have a boat lift or PWC docking ports, check dock mounting brackets for tightness. Make sure your lift operates properly and does not hit the water bottom before reaching the full load/unload position.

Wahoo Docks Can Help

If your dock is looking a little shabby or you’re ready for an upgrade, contact Wahoo Docks for a free estimate.

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