Comparing rowing dock systems requires focus and attention to detail. In addition, different dock manufacturers have their own drawbacks and benefits. Unfortunately, too many purchasers make decisions based on what their favorite collegiate or international teams use. However, you need a dock perfectly suited to the use of rowboats, canoes, and other low-profile watercraft in your location.

At Wahoo Docks, our dream team connects the dots to provide your participants with the best rowing dock design. Furthermore, our team will base your dock design on the most important characteristics of your property. To that end, we know what will and won’t work for any given situation. For example, the right system for rowing boats is typically a low floating dock that is ideal for calm water and easy rowing boat access.

So, consider the following rowing dock features while comparing products and manufacturers. Learn how they differ from traditional docks and determine if a particular rowing dock will work for you.


First of all, floating docks require a stable anchoring system capable of delivering maximum stability. At Wahoo Docks, we have our own anchoring solution called Ocean Spring. Consequently, this solution features three distinct layers of construction which provide the ultimate in shock absorption.

And, paired with expert design, you can’t go wrong with an Ocean Spring anchor. We’re able to amass what we know of water depth, fluctuation, and resistance. Then, we adjust design based on maintenance and budget preferences while designing the perfect anchoring solution for your property.

Deck Material

Additionally, the deck or floor covering of your rowing dock impacts safety, appearance, and ease-of-use. Popular decking options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Concrete

At Wahoo Docks, we have our very own aluminum decking, the patented AridDek. The sophisticated soft-coated finish is slip-resistant and impervious to many traditional dock problems. Therefore, it does away with issues such as water damage, termites, fire, splintering, and rust. And, the 6005-T5 marine-grade aluminum comes in three classic colors: granite, sandstone and artistic clay. As our most popular decking material, AridDek provides you with the protection, comfort, convenience and polished look perfect for residential or commercial properties.

However, the best decking solution depends on your project’s specifications. Concrete decking is extremely durable and long-lasting. While composite offers the look of real wood without the maintenance issues. Our Ipe, or Ironwood, decking is easy to clean and care for. And, it is one of the strongest woods available and has a natural resistance to pests, rot and more.

Rowing Dock Designs

Few industries are as versatile in design as floating dock systems. Hence, some companies make products you can assemble in any design of your choosing, changing layouts as you prefer. And, it should go without saying the nature of these systems make them less sturdy and durable than permanent installations. In a pinch, they act as a budget-friendly temporary dock solution. Other companies have prefab single or double-slip designs.

At Wahoo Docks, our most popular customized layouts include:

  • Platforms
  • Single slip
  • Double slip
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) sideslip

Most importantly, our engineering team regularly receives customer praise for going above and beyond to meet property specifications. And, we’re known for our custom layouts for residential clients and commercial facilities.

So, configure the perfect rowing dock systems design for your needs by calling Wahoo Docks at (770) 532-8411 today.