Many people choose to live on a lake because of the access it provides to surrounding waterways. Of course, it’s also nice to relax in a private area where you can enjoy the views and wildlife surrounding the lake. If you are considering a floating aluminum dock, investing in the right lake dock design is important. You need to ensure you protect your boat and other assets but also maintain the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view.

Floating Dock Design

Selecting the right floating dock is imperative to ensure you can enjoy your investment. Lake dock design is available in several different sizes and models depending on your needs. Many floating lake docks are made out of aluminum. They can withstand the weather elements without being damaged. The hardware and components for lake docks can withstand the water and other elements.

The best lake dock design features stainless steel hardware. The combination of aluminum and stainless steel will ensure your floating dock will not rust or be impacted by rainstorms or even hailstorms. Most lake docks also feature a covering for the boat dock area. The cover protects your boat even more.

One- and Two-Level Docks

Dock sizes vary, as well as overall structure. For those seeking a simple lake dock design, there are one-level docks that simply jut out into the water. These docks allow space to dock a boat and perhaps a bench, to enjoy the sunset or spend time looking out over the lake.

There are two-level lake dock designs that boast roofing and specific seating areas. These are preferred by people who wish to spend most of their time outdoors on their lake dock.  Yet, they still want an area to dock their boat and keep it protected. The two-level docks naturally build in a cover for the boat dock area.

Overall, selecting a lake dock design is not a complicated process. It is just a matter of determining what your needs and wants are and what works best for your lake property. Working with a company that specializes in floating aluminum lake docks like Wahoo Docks ensures you’re receiving the best product.

Lake Dock Design by Wahoo Docks

Wahoo Docks custom builds more unique docks for more locations throughout the world than any other dock manufacturer. We design floating aluminum lake docks to suit wide-ranging tastes, needs, regulatory requirements and environmental conditions. Yet, each and every installation has the same attention to detail.

Additionally, we follow strict proprietary structural materials and exceptional design standards to ensure unparalleled durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. However, even in the most stringent cases, customers can personalize their docks. Options include shape, colors, materials and other options to satisfy their particular needs and tastes. This freedom of choice allows our floating aluminum dock owners to create lake dock designs that are uniquely their own.

In fact, Wahoo Docks rarely builds two docks that look exactly the same. Wahoo Docks focuses on quality lake dock designs that feature the best-in-class engineering. Wahoo Docks is the leading manufacturer of residential lake docks and commercial aluminum floating boat docks and gangways. Contact Wahoo Docks today.