When deciding to construct an aluminum boat dock, property owners must consider that some types of docks are more suitable for certain areas. Here’s how to choose the right aluminum dock for your lake.

When to Use a Stationary Dock

Stationary docks are the best choice for those who live in areas where there are rough water conditions. However, a floating aluminum dock may be best for lakes or areas where the water level fluctuates. The stationary dock stands on legs and will allow water to pass through it. Furthermore, in saltwater situations, the stationary platform is ideal because the floating platform will corrode over time.

Choosing a Floating Lake Dock

There are some areas where the water will rise or fall. In these areas, the floating lake dock is the ideal solution, especially if the water in the lake is also deep. The floating platform of a floating aluminum dock will allow people to use the lake dock all year round instead of waiting until the water is high enough.

Choosing the Right Aluminum Dock for Water that Freezes

If the water experiences a lot of floating ice, the dock should have a T or L shape and have fingers that jut out. Otherwise, the dock will sustain damage from the ice. Some lake docks are easy to remove from the water, such as the wheeled boat dock. This is ideal when the water in the lake experiences a lot of freezing and thawing, which can cause damage to the lake dock

Spending Time Out of the Water

Aluminum docks with boat slips or PWC slips make it easier for watercraft owners to park their watercraft on the dock. When boat owners choose their floating dock, they need to consider how much space they will need. Some people may wish to have guests and spend a lot of time on the dock before getting on the watercraft.

Benefits of Aluminum

Advances in aluminum dock construction are making it possible to create much better boat docks than what was once imaginable. Lake floating aluminum docks are one of the most durable innovations and are highly resistant to corrosion. Unlike steel and iron, aluminum resists corrosion by forming a protective barrier. This makes aluminum the ideal metal for moist conditions such as a lake. Aluminum will corrode in highly corrosive environments, but slower than with steel. All metal corrodes. But aluminum corrodes much more slowly than other metals.

Aluminum lake docks also can be constructed in shapes that would be more difficult to construct with wood. The aluminum can be shaped in a way that minimizes the chances that the dock will damage the watercraft.

Choose the Right Aluminum Dock at Wahoo Docks

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