While zebra mussels attach to many types of boat accessories, they stay away from Wahoo Docks.

Zebra mussels attach themselves to nearly everything left submerged in infested waters. Just one of these detrimental mollusks produces up to one-million minuscule larvae, naked to the human eye. It’s no wonder they’re taking over fresh-water bodies of water in record numbers.
The mussels don’t just disrupt local ecosystems, putting fish and other wildlife at risk. They also clog motors, interrupt water supplies and cause other types of damage.
There’s a reason regulations in various areas require boaters to drain, wash and dry their vessels between bodies of water in many locations. This includes boating accessories too, creating a crusty buildup that encourages mussels to spread.

Zebra Mussels Will Not Attach to Wahoo Docks

Invasive species like zebra mussels hitch a ride from one place to another in all kinds of boating equipment. It’s common for these creatures to cling to swim rafts, boat lifts, and other boating accessories. State DNR guidelines govern cleaning, transport, and storage to prevent the spread of harmful species.
It’s especially problematic when zebra mussels attach themselves to docks because it makes it easier for them to transfer to boats and other vessels you’re more likely to take with you to other bodies of water.
With a Wahoo Docks floating dock, you need not worry since we use PermaFloats for our floatation chambers. PermaFloats are the only parts of the floating dock submerged in water.
Zebra mussels attach to a wide range of materials, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. PermaFloat material is linear, low-density polyethylene which is a known deterrent because of its slick surface where Zebra mussels cannot attach. You can rest assured zebra mussels cannot invade the rest of your floating dock.
Investing in Wahoo Docks is an investment in the preservation of your local ecosystems. Another advantage is PermaFloat’s coating is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about contaminating the water or harming the environment.

Other Ways to Discourage the Spread of Zebra Mussels

Though invasive species spread quickly and cause significant harm, there are many ways to control their migration. First and foremost, thoroughly drain and clean your vessels and boating equipment between destinations.
If you realize too late you’re moored in mussel-infested waters, run your engine at low speeds for 15 minutes twice each week. The heat will kill the adolescent and adult specimens in the engine.
Invasive plants, fish, and other water life threaten Great Lakes region. Investing in products from Wahoo Docks helps you fight the good fight.
Contact a representative today to learn more about why zebra mussels attach to certain surfaces and how you will benefit from our innovative, eco-friendly designs.
Invasive plants, fish threaten Great Lakes region