Many factors contribute to a dock’s design, including the number of watercraft you own and your storage needs. That is why the layout of a Wahoo dock is fully customizable. Our network of dealers have extensive portfolios of custom aluminum dock configurations which can be used as a starting point when designing your own. Your dock should suit your boating and recreational needs while exceeding your design expectations.

Most of our residential docks are based on one of the following footprints.

Single Slip

A slip is an opening in the dock where a boat can be securely stored with protection on three sides. If you only own one watercraft, you may desire a dock with a single built in slip. Add a lift to remove your boat from the water during winter season and install a roof for protection from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays. The single slip boat dock is the perfect solution for storing a boat year-round.

Double Slip

Whether you already own two boats, or plan to expand your fleet, you may opt for floating dock with two boat slips. Our double slip docks offer all the of the engineering benefits of the CAT5 system. They are the most common layout for our residential docks and often times include an upper deck for lounging and additional storage.

PWC Side Slip

If you own both a boat and a personal watercraft (PWC), like a jet ski, then a dock with a side slip may be the best option for you. A side slip offers the same level of protection for your watercraft as a standard slip, while retaining as much usable deck space as possible.


Platform docks are ideal for fishing, swimming, and lounging. While the platform dock may be the most simple CAT5  layout, it can be further enhanced by the many accessories and furniture offered by Wahoo Docks. Install a railing for safety, add a roof for shade and protection, attach a cleat for boat mooring, or even mount a diving board. Platform docks can also be designed with a low freeboard for kayak launches and rowing applications. Simple layouts can still be elegant in design.

Custom Layout

At Wahoo Docks, custom dock layouts are our specialty. Whether you want multiple boat slips of varying sizes, or a fully enclosed floating structure, we can build the dock of your dreams. Let our industry-expert  dealers collaborate with you to create a dock that is unique in appearance and the envy of everyone on the water.

Commercial Layout

Even commercial layouts are fully customizable with the most common styles being E-Shaped or Fishbone. Both of these slip styles can be altered to fit small speed boats or large yachts. Commercial layouts can also include rows of lifts for personal watercraft. Our team of designers will help create a layout that is suitable for any commercial application.