New Boat Docks – The Cat5 Option

At Wahoo, we know there are tons of options when looking at new boat docks. We also know that purchasing a new boat dock is not a task most take lightly.

Our commitment to you, the customer, is to earn your trust by providing you with knowledge and reassurance that our new boat docks – and your new custom aluminum dock – will be second-to-none.
When looking at new boat docks, the purchase process can be overwhelming. It’s our goal to help you every step of the way. Luckily, our “Building The Boat Dock Of Your Dreams” blog series can do just that.
In part one, you learned the necessary vocabulary for your custom boat dock. Continuing on, the second step to your dream dock is understanding aluminum dock strength.

Wahoo Docks CAT5 new boat docksThere is a reason that the same engineers who founded Wahoo Docks and created the original Wahoo aluminum docks, continue to operate the company.

Our CAT5 aluminum boat dock system is simply unparalleled. Additionally, the engineering of Wahoo’s CAT5 new boat docks is carefully constructed to offer you the strongest boat dock in the industry.

All CAT5 docks are constructed marine-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and patented corner extrusions.

What does this mean for you? The 6061 grade of aluminum is one of the strongest and most versatile available alloy. Additionally, it is corrosion-resistant. Thus, making it an excellent choice for water application.
Furthermore, the construction of our CAT5 aluminum docks features a 9” mainframe that supports the decking load without needing to rely on the welds for strength. Plus, it incorporates dock roof poles to add extra stiffness to the structure, making diagonal bracing unnecessary.

This creates a more streamlined, professional, look for our new boat docks.

The CAT5 dock also has more flotation than many standard boat docks. Moreover, the engineering of the framework makes it possible to support the extra flotation material. This gives your dock additional buoyancy, stability and strength. The strength of the CAT5 is incomparable in even the harshest weather conditions.
Hopefully, understanding the strength of your new boat dock removes any reservations you have about longevity and durability. There is truly no better choice than the Wahoo Docks CAT5.
Feeling good about Wahoo Docks? Now you’re ready to begin the fun part- dock design! Check back for the next in the series, discussing layout for your dream aluminum boat dock.