Superior Shock Absorption

Increased Floating Dock Stability

Ocean Spring is a proprietary Wahoo Docks system used for floating dock anchoring and as mooring lines. 

The 3 layer construction achieves maximum performance and a prolonged life.
Layer 1: Cylindrical rubber core.

Layer 2: Braided polyester sheath surrounding the core.

Layer 3: External rubber coating for additional protection.

As Ocean Spring stretches and elongates, the braided sheath tightens around its rubber core, creating an exponential resistance feedback. This force is primarily being carried by the polyester sheath, which is stronger rubber alone.

Although Ocean Spring Rubber and Ocean Spring Braided offer similar benefits, their differing mechanical properties suit different needs.

Engineered for Excellence


Ocean Spring accommodates to fluctuating water levels, requiring fewer winch adjustments on a floating dock. This is ideal for tidal fluctuations, seasonal water level changes, and significant wave action.


Ocean Spring provides excellent dampening from harsh waves, prolonging the life of your dock and reducing the risk of damage.


In certain cases, Ocean Spring can improve the stability of a floating dock by keeping it pretensioned to the ground, creating greater resistance to jostling waves.

Ocean Spring – Rubber


Ocean Spring-Rubber comes in varying lengths to provide the desired amount of stretch for changing water levels. Standard lengths are 4 feet, 8 feet, and 12 feet long, but custom lengths are also available.


Rated for up to 600lbs of working load, Ocean Spring has been tested over 1,300lbs without losing its elasticity retention. For greater load capacity, multiple rods can be assembled in parallel.

Ocean Spring – Braided


Ocean Spring Braided comes in varying lengths to provide the desired amount of stretch for changing water levels.


Due to a thicker polyester sheath and stronger terminations, Ocean Spring Braided can support up to 8,000lbs with a working load of up to 5,000lbs.