photo of featured boat dock
photo of orrell featured boat dock from wahoo aluminum docks
Woodland Dock’s gave birth to this month’s Wahoo Featured Dock. 

Located on Mill Creek Lake Illinois, the Orrell featured boat dock is one of the most unique docks around.

This is mainly due to its intricate boat dock gangway system. Built for a retired couple that hosts lots of kids, and grandkids, safety was the number one concern while designing the boat dock itself as well as the connecting gangway system.
Connected to a fixed trailhead, two dock gangways equipped with AriDek Aluminum Sandstone decking bridge a ravine allowing access to the original upper deck. An intermediate bench platform gives uninterrupted rolling access to this dock gangway configuration.
Access to the lower deck is by way of a fixed pier and third dock gangway. Gangway width is maintained through a fold-up bench platform, while an additional mounting point provides added stability. A security gate, lowered handrails and an upper deck picket railing provide care-free access; meaning you can feel secure knowing the kids are safe in the summertime!

This CAT 5 dock is truly a unique one, and is anchored by means of Pole & Sleeve.

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