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Interested in becoming an exclusive dealer for the nation’s leading aluminum floating dock system?

Wahoo Core Values


Over the last two decades, Wahoo has set the industry standard for the floating aluminum boat dock industry.


As an engineering led firm, our manufacturing consistency is the core of what we do.


All docks are designed by our in-house team of designers, custom built to our customers’ specifications.


With 30 years experience, we have grown one of the largest dealer networks in the industry.

Benefits of Becoming a Wahoo Docks Dealer


Over the last 30 years, Wahoo has been consistently innovate, to creating the best aluminum docks on the market. We take pride in our quality and craftsmanship, only using the highest quality materials on our docks.


As a Wahoo Docks Dealer, you will be a part of a nationally recognized organization. The Wahoo name is synonymous with quality-craftsmanship; our dealers enjoy this competitive advantage.

Product Development & Training

The Wahoo engineers are always improving upon the product offering in order to stay on top of the market. We expect our dealers to know our products and we provide the proper tools to ensure you are educated in Wahoo’s offerings.

Marketing Support

We have developed an extensive array of marketing materials to showcase the Wahoo Docks brand. Our dealers have an option to purchase these materials whenever the need arises.

Lead Generation

We receive numerous leads as a function of our brand’s marketing efforts.

Each lead is passed along to the appropriate dealer for the region.

Superior Logistics

We do all that is necessary to deliver a complete product to our representatives within a reasonable time frame. With two manufacturing plants in Georgia and Oklahoma, we are able to meet the expectations of your customers.

Dealer Support

Our dealer network is a large part of Wahoo, we know and appreciate this. Therefore, we make every attempt to be responsive and proactive when working with each of our dealers. Our commitment is to provide timely and honest feedback with realistic expectations and fully engineered solutions.

What Wahoo Expects From Dealers

Business Ethics

Each dealer is expected to put forth their best efforts to ethically and professionally further the promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution of Wahoo products in their territories, including building brand awareness and value.

Experience & Cooperation

Each dealer must openly communicate and work with Wahoo to fully understand the best practices for promoting, selling, and installing our docks. A mutual commitment to quality is necessary for Wahoo to maintain its valuable industry reputation.

Sales &
Marketing Skills

Each dealer shall employ and maintain a sales and marketing team sufficient to develop the market potential for the sale of Wahoo products and comply with Wahoo’s style guide regarding its promotion, website marketing, advertising, and any requirements set forth in printed Marketing materials.


Prompt and knowledgeable responses to sales leads and business development activity is imperative. As a Wahoo Docks dealer, you are expected to engage in and maintain timely communication with your clients. We also work to be responsive on dealer requests and expect similar prompt-attention from our dealers.

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