basic boat dock gangway

If your PWC is a small boat and all you need is a basic dock gangway, then Wahoo Docks offers you more solutions than you might ever need.

Wahoo’s floating aluminum boat docks – including our dock gangways – are owner-specific and custom to your needs.
You can always design your own dock through our website in quick and easy steps. The same is true for your boat dock gangway.
Part of the Wahoo design-your-own aluminum boat dock process is selecting a dock gangway system — including your choice of one from our gangway hinge designs or connection systems.
In this process, an authorized Wahoo Docks dealer can always be located through our website.
The basic dock gangway that Wahoo Docks offers is under high-quality standard specifications: a span of 10ftx48 inch width with handrails and a pre-stretched arch profile connected via Piano Hinge.
Today, Wahoo has a total of 9 dock gangway connection systems to choose from.