Stairs & Ladders

4 or 5 Step Ladder

Made from marine grade aluminum, these ladders have 16.5” x 6.5” slip-resistant rungs for sturdier footing. When not in use, the entire ladder can easily rotate out of the water

20° Angle:
Even our standard ladders have a slight incline for ergonomics.

Color Options:
The 5 step ladder can be powder coated with an antique bronze finish.

4-Step Ladder:
64″ long
24 lbs.
Sits approximately below 40″ below deck surface

5-Step Ladder:
76″ long
28 lbs.
Sits approximately 50″ below deck surface

Stair Ladder

With a 50 degree angle, the ergonomics of the 5 step stair ladder make it the easiest way to enter and exit the water.

50° Angle
The ergonomics make using it as easy as a normal staircase.
The side mount does not use up any dock space.
60″ long
24 lbs.
Sits approximately 48″ below deck surface


Dog Ladder

The Dog Ladder has wider platform steps, positioned to accommodate most dogs and people.

3-Step Ladder:
35″ long
23 lbs.
Sits approximately 29″ below deck surface

Articulating Stairs

This maintenance-free, self adjusting staircase, can rotate from 0 to 60 degrees while the steps remain level over the entire flight.
5, 7, and 9-step standard models
Marine-grade aluminum framing
Simple installation: just anchor the top step to a solid object