You have a dock and a boat. Now, you need to decide which of the best boat slip options is right for your property and budget. You always have the option to store your boat on a trailer and back it into the water once it’s time to sail. However, having the right slip can help you to save time and a whole lot of hassle.

Simply put, a boat slip is a parking space for your boat. It keeps your boat safe and secure—no matter what may be going on in the area. With just a dock, you often must worry about rough currents, water level fluctuations as well as wakes from other watercraft that could lead to damage for your boat.

Protect Your Watercraft and Simplify Boat Storage

High traffic bodies of water can be a stressful situation for many boat owners. When it’s a holiday weekend, and everyone and their neighbor wants to come out and enjoy the water, getting your boat away from the dock safely can be a challenge. A boat slip is a practical, affordable solution that makes your watercraft easily accessible—with far less need to worry about wakes from the boats around you.

How to Choose a Boat Slip That’s Right for Your Dock

Look for high quality boat slips from a company you can trust. The right product will feature premium materials and components. It will be built to last. You can enjoy the slip for years to come, even if your area of the water faces strong currents and tides on a regular basis.

The type of boat slip that’s right for your needs will depend on the design of your dock as well as upon how many boats you need to store. This is where a company that provides customizable boat slip options will make all the difference for you.

Boat Slip Options

Single Slip: This option provides a place where you can store your boat in the slip opening of your dock. It offers three sides of protection for your watercraft. A single slip is ideal for you if you only have one boat to store year-round. You can always incorporate additional features, such as:

    1. A boat lift to keep your boat out of the icy waters during winter
    2. A roof to provide protection from the elements, including snow, rain and damaging UV rays

Double Slip: This most popular slip option for residential docks is ideal if you already own two watercrafts, or you plan to get another boat in the future. You can customize the double split to have a deck above the boat for additional storage or lounging.

Personal Watercraft Side Slip: Ideal for boat owners who also own a personal watercraft (PWC), this side slip provides the same high level of protection as a traditional slip. However, it allows you to retain as much deck space to use as possible.

Custom Slip Layout: Not all companies are able to provide this service, but at Wahoo Docks, we are proud to specialize in custom layouts for your docks and slips. We can bring your vision to life to create something truly beautiful. Want boat slips in different sizes or even an enclosed structure that floats? We can make that happen.

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Whether you want to explore boat slip options for your dock, or want to customize your dream dock and boat slip combination, our expert team is here to help. Connect with us now to get started.