North Georgia has some beautiful trails that wrap around streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds. These North Georgia fishing spots have something in common. They’re havens for good fishing no matter what you’re wanting to catch. Whether it is fly fishing, trout fishing, good bass fishing, or just killing time on a weekend, these waters have great features ready to be had.

Here are what I consider to be the top five fishing spots in North Georgia. These all have great aspects and are worthy of a weekend visit if you’re nearby.

North Georgia Fishing Spot #1: Lake Chatuge

Fishing Spots North Georgia

Large Mouth Bass

North Georgia Fishing Spot #2: Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell is a USACE reservoir that is 55,950 acres. It is a good lake to fish for crappie and for largemouth bass. Near the city of Hartwell, Georgia, the lake is best fished by boat but has good fishing year-round. Typical fish in this lake include channel catfish, crappie, and bass. It is a lake that is typically one of the most visited of the USACE lakes.

Fishing Spots North Georgia

Channel Catfish


North Georgia Fishing Spot #3: Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is a deep, 38,000-acre lake with no vegetation issues. Its closest city is Gainesville, Georgia and the striped bass come out good in January and February. For those fishing other fish, try March through May and in the months of October and November. It is good for other bass fishing as well, such as largemouth and spotted.

Fishing Spots North Georgia

Striped Bass

North Georgia Fishing Spot #4: Carters Lake

Carters Lake is a USACE flood control reservoir that is 3,220 acres large. It is close to Ellijay, Georgia, and is best fished by boat. Go February through November for the best season, and expect to pull out some walleye, crappie, bream, bass, and catfish. It is very scenic, as there isn’t much in the way of development.

Fishing Spots North Georgia


North Georgia Fishing Spot #5: Waters Creek

Waters Creek is a special regulation trout stream that while small, has produced record trout fish. Fishing in this particular creek can find fishermen bringing up all three of the Georgia trout species. It is near the city of Cleveland, Georgia and has its best season from April through October. Fish from a bank, or wade into the creek for the best fishing.

Rainbow Trout

Some of my favorite fishing spots have always been Lake Lanier and Carters Lake. However, depending on where you will be in North Georgia, there is a little something for everyone.
Tina Samuels lived for 25 years in North Georgia in front of a creek that emptied into a river. She enjoyed fishing every chance she got, always practicing catch-and-release. If she listens carefully, she can still hear those waters.
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