Upper Deck

An upper deck is ideal for additional activity space and storage when there are limitations on the footprint size of a dock.

Only on a Wahoo Dock will you find our DryJoist structural underlay,
creating a sealed upper deck for a dry dock below.

Jump platforms and roof shades can also be incorporated into the upper deck.

Jump Gate

Jump gates allow for quick access to the water through a railing section of the dock. With lockable stainless steel hasps and hinges, there is no risk of the gate accidentally opening.

Jump Platform

Built as an extension of your upper deck, a jump platform is a fun way to access the water from the top level of your dock. Jump platforms are usually accompanied by a jump gate and can extend a safe distance beyond the edges of your roofing and lower platform.


The DryJoist System is structurally-integrated into your deck, providing a waterproof deck drainage system and a finished beadboard ceiling all in one application.