The materials and approach to a gangway might not seem like the world’s biggest decision. But, we assure you that aluminum boat dock gangway designs far outshine the rest.

Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t taken into account the unique stressors of a marine environment. They also have not considered the drawbacks of using alternative materials such as wood or fiberglass, and the ability of aluminum to overcome any weight constraint or other challenges.

Understanding the Downsides of Other Dock Materials

The sea is a brutal place. With constant storms, changing tides, foot traffic and salt spray, lesser materials quickly degrade. You’ve probably noticed this for yourself if you’ve been around the marina a time or two. For obvious reasons, wood is not a good option. It breaks down far too quickly and attracts a high level of slippery marine life. Fiberglass is slightly sturdier but is too brittle for many of the challenges posed by a seaside environment.

Even river and lake environments can prove tough. Any aquatic area poses significant challenges to materials of all kinds, but aluminum rises above the rest – both literally (it floats so well!) and figuratively. Indeed, aluminum gangway designs truly are the only way to go. Here are a few more reasons why.

Check All the Boxes with the Ultimate Dock Gangways

When we say these gangways check all the boxes, we really mean it. Obsessively engineered to bring you maximum performance in all environments and weather, they:

  • Offer fierce marine-grade protection on every surface, including accessories
  • Employ a variety of hinge designs to offer maximum flexibility and durability
  • Are extremely lightweight so they won’t put pressure on existing structures
  • Last a long time and look good doing it
  • Can handle the varying water heights present in most marine environments, from rivers to lakes to the ocean, without breaking a sweat (or a hinge)

Plus, dock gangways made of aluminum are endlessly customizable. With multiple hinge options and a knowledgeable team to design your unique gangway to fit your location, you’ll have no trouble finding the solution you deserve. We provide expert services for a price you can afford, so let us know what you need today. Our friendly designers enjoy learning more about your needs, so we can create the ideal solution for you.

Get the Gangway You’re Looking for Today

If you’re wondering whether aluminum boat dock gangway designs will work for your marina, personal dock or other marine structure, we’re happy to talk you through your choices. Give us a call at 1-866-532-8411, and our team at Wahoo Docks will point you toward a successful choice right away. So if you’re ready to stop thinking about and start using your gangway, get in touch.