Pioneers don’t just settle for the status quo.  Trailblazers don’t stay on the beaten path.  Here at Wahoo Docks, we don’t settle for less than the best, either.  We’re industry leaders.  Why?  Because we’re a company run by engineers with a passion for excellence.  We have no desire to be like the other guys and are flattered by all the attempts to copy our aluminum docks designs.  We’ve set our goals high – to build the best aluminum dock available in the world and to maintain a philosophy of continuous improvement.

 Why aluminum docks?

Aluminum is today’s best choice for a boat dock.

For one thing, an aluminum floating dock is relatively maintenance-free.  In addition to being eco-friendly, it’s also the toughest and best-suited dock for harsh (fresh and saltwater) marine environments.
Aluminum docks are strong and beautiful.
Aluminum docks have completely replaced older, all-wood docks and all but done the same with steel docks.   The economic, maintenance and aesthetic advantages it achieves over these materials have become common knowledge after two decades of Wahoo Docks putting docks throughout the country.  Aluminum docks can be either floating or anchored.  Both styles are available in various options and are completely customizable.
 And no one builds a better aluminum dock than Wahoo Docks!
Each Wahoo Dock is personalized to suit its owner’s every docking need while being built to rigorous standard specifications and delivered with unparalleled warranty systems.  Wahoo Docks sells floating docks through the largest nation-wide network of local dealers, all of whom can easily be located by either lake or zip code.
 So why wait?  Click here to find your local Wahoo Dealer today!
The strength of aluminum, the beauty of ipe hardwood.
The strength of aluminum, the beauty of ipe hardwood.