TuckahoePositive improvements are coming for Wahoo Docks, its stakeholders and its dealers. Tuckahoe Holdings, a family run private equity firm, is acquiring co-ownership in Wahoo Docks. Tuckahoe is unique in that they are seeking long term investments in niche industries to expand their portfolio, while simultaneously helping their invested companies grow. Wahoo owner, Tim Osby, will retain his current level of ownership and remain Wahoo Docks’ president.

What This Means

This means that nothing will change for Wahoo’s method of operations. However, the additional funding will allow the Wahoo company to further expand towards its full potential.
Tuckahoe’s portfolio also includes Meeco Sullivan, a company primarily focused on wood and galvanized steel marina structures. The combination of Meeco Sullivan and Wahoo Docks will unite two of the largest commercial dock manufacturers in the world. Meeco Sullivan and Wahoo Docks will dominate the dock market.
Wahoo Docks Shares Ownership with Tuckahoe HoldingsMeeco Sullivan focuses primarily on commercial dock manufacturing. But, this partnership will allow Wahoo to penetrate the residential dock market in regions that were previously unobtainable. At the same time Wahoo will be able to offer Wahoo’s CAT5 aluminum marina structures to Meeco Sullivan’s pre-existing commercial market. It is anticipated that this will boost business for many of the Wahoo Docks certified dealers. Also, we anticipate to be able to present an opportunity for new dealers in new regions.

From Wahoo Dock’s President

“This is a change and that always causes anxiety,” said current owner Tim Osby, but only positive results will come from the new ownership and partnership. Expected benefits include a broader product range, greater financial security, funding for product development, and additional employment opportunities as Wahoo’s production increases.