wahoo wave attenuator

Leading Manufacturer of Floating Aluminum Boat Docks and Gangways Introduces Wahoo Wave Wave Attenuator / Wave Attenuation at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Wave Breaks

Northeast Georgia-based Wahoo Docks, North America’s leading manufacturer of floating aluminum boat docks and gangways, continues to expand its commercial product portfolio for marinas and public access areas by announcing the development of the Wahoo Wave, a self-contained floating wave attenuator suitable for fresh and salt water applications.

Floating breakwaters reduce an incident wave’s energy and decreases the wave height, thereby protecting watercraft and facilities from potential damage and reducing shoreline erosion.
The Wahoo Wave wave attenuator is a patent-pending design that utilizes an engineered, double-walled corrugated pipe as both the primary mechanism to attenuate the wave while also providing the structure and buoyance for the assembly to eliminate the necessity and cost of additional supporting elements. The system achieves top performance in two primary ways:

  1. The pipe corrugations enhance wave turbulence, redirecting energy in multiple directions that are not consistent with the incident wave
  2. The system reflects waves by virtue of its mass. The Wahoo Wave actually encapsulates resident water to become very heavy. The 60-inch pipe contains 1,100 pounds of water per linear foot.

The result is a wave attenuation system that performs extremely well at a fraction of the cost of traditional wave attenuation systems.

Although usable dock space can be appended atop the structure, the system is ideally suited to sites where wave attenuation is the sole purpose of the structure.
“If the need is to specifically reduce the wave effect in an area, the Wahoo Wave offers a highly effective, cost-efficient means of achieving this,” says Tim Osby, Owner, Wahoo Docks. “By utilizing well-researched, mass-produced materials in a unique way, as well as harnessing the water itself, we have reduced the cost of wave attenuation significantly.”

Wahoo Wave Attenuator Specifications:

  • Double-wall corrugated plastic pipe
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • USCG approved solar-powered lighting with 2-mile visibility
  • Cable weight mooring using elastic Ocean Spring mooring lines
  • Diameters of 36, 48 and 60 inches available
  • Available in 20-foot increments to any length

About Wahoo Docks
Wahoo Docks has evolved over 30 years to become the largest builder of custom residential docks and gangways in North America. The company’s Commercial Division manufactures docks for municipalities and premier marinas and communities in North America, delivering attractive, durable, low-maintenance solutions. Wahoo Docks maintains the leading engineering staff in the industry and is recognized for its custom solutions utilizing its patented and proprietary products. All products are manufactured from the company’s 35,000-square-foot facility in northeast Georgia.