Why Choose Wahoo For Your Marina?

Wahoo Docks has manufactured more unique marine installations than any other dock builder in North America. Our structures deliver the highest value to our customers and we have earned a sterling reputation for doing what we promise; working with each of our clients to achieve their most optimal solutions. Wahoo has become the largest premium-quality commercial dock manufacturer in the United States and our reputation is what sets us apart.

You will find Wahoo Docks installations in climates that vary from the Arctic to the Caribbean, in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and oceans. The formidability and strength of aluminum allow designs to be tailored for any water-based structure, from large marinas to public fishing platforms. Wahoo Docks is widely regarded as the industry leader for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

1,000+ Installations

30+ Years Experience

Time Test, Storm Proven

The safest, strongest, and smartest marine engineering available.

The engineering features of a Wahoo dock are present long before construction begins. Our goal is to deliver maximum value to our clients through feature benefits, patented design, and cost management. We approach material selection methodically, and the development of our proprietary components are based on our unique design principles.


Marine grade aluminum has a tensile strength similar to steel but is more versatile, corrosion resistant, and low maintenance. We also use stainless steel hardware and fasteners that are compatible with our aluminum to further enhance the strength.


Wahoo has invested into research and development in every stage of the design and manufacturing process, tailoring over forty five proprietary components and extrusions that maximize the strength and durability of our custom dock construction.


HDPE & UHMW-PE plastics provide a durable barrier that prevents damage to the structure. Additionally, we have extensive experience with design based on utility and site footprint, as well as usage requirements and regulatory specifications.


Our aluminum marine structures will not rust like galvanized structures and will not experience material, structural, or aesthetic degradation. These advantages maximize your return on investment and minimize maintenance.

Coastal • Community • Government • Industrial • Marina • Military • Municipal • Public Access

As part of the Meeco Sullivan Marina Company, Wahoo Docks is proud to offer both galvanized steel and timber alternatives to our aluminum dock systems.

Contact us to get your quote and let us be your one-stop-shop for all types of floating commercial docks.