Winter is the best time to build a dock, but few people take advantage of the benefits. Unlike siding a home or installing new brickwork, a majority of the work involved in building a dock doesn’t take place in the elements. All the planning, designing, and manufacturing happen in temperature-controlled settings completely unimpeded by cold. Learn all the ways a winter order gives your marine construction a major advantage.

Maximize Your Recreation Funds

Winter is a popular time for families to invest in recreation. After Thanksgiving, people start planning vacations and other fun purchases. Building a dock adds value to your property that lasts year after year. In addition, it adds value to all of your other purchases. It makes using all your watercraft easier, so you use it more often. Also, it makes it easier and safer for your family members and friends to participate. A dock can provide support for other types of recreation as well, from fishing and swimming to taking the boat out.

Have Your Dock Ready for Spring Use

Certain docks, like the Wahoo Docks CAT3 docks and boating docks, require time to design. Not only are there a number of customizable options to decide upon, but engineers oversee every part of the manufacturing process. We go the extra mile to ensure the docks are secure, safe and durable enough to last.

Securing the permits needed can take several months all on its own. Working with a professional streamlines the process, but it’s even faster when you begin a few months in advance.

The planning stages and initial manufacturing can happen during the winter months. This allows installation to begin as soon as warm weather returns. You don’t have to wait for warm weather to get started. Have your dock available as soon as it’s needed.

Increase Your Home Value Before a Spring or Summer Sale

Since the early 2000s, home prices for properties with docks has soared. This is one home improvement that gives you an easy and immediate boost to your property value. Building one during the winter is an excellent way to prepare your property for a spring or summer sale or a refinance.

Of course, the features of the dock you choose have a big impact on how much value you’ll add. A basic wooden dock you build yourself might do more harm than good. The value of your dock depends on existing structures, the shoreline and water features, your intended usage, quality of construction, and the installing team. A floating dock system may also provide higher value, as it will be easier for future owners to modify to fit their needs. All things considered, a high-quality floating dock built with your property and use in mind could add $20,000 or more to your home’s value.

Take advantage of the best time to build a dock by scheduling an appointment with Wahoo Docks today.