Why did Wahoo Docks choose aluminum as the main structural material for all our aluminum docks? There are several reasons we offer the best boat docks in the country! Aluminum is a truly a remarkable metal. It is durable, plentiful, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, strong, and more. This makes aluminum boat docks a great choice for your waterfront oasis!


Unlike most materials, steel included, aluminum actually becomes even more weather-resistant when it oxidizes. The oxidation on the surface makes it more resistant to the elements. Aluminum Oxide is one of the hardest substances on earth, and it is highly resistant to corrosion. Consequently, it is estimated that 75% of all of this metal produced is still in use today.


Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. Additionally, it is a completely sustainable material, in that reclaimed and reformed aluminum maintains 100% of its natural qualities. Specifically, according to the Aluminum Association, aluminum is the most commonly recycled post-consumer metal in the world.


A Wahoo Dock is more cost-effective than a dock built from any other material because an aluminum dock is extremely resistant to weathering and will last much longer. Aluminum also costs less to maintain than docks made from other materials.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum requires no protective coatings such as primer, paint or stain, which promotes a healthy marine environment. In contrast, most wood docks use pressure-treated wood. Thus, it can leach harmful chemicals into the environment. In addition, the sawdust of pressure-treated wood is toxic to humans and animals alike.

Strong as Steel

Wahoo Docks uses a superior grade of aluminum in all our aluminum boat docks. Further, our docks are constructed with only 6061-T6 marine-grade aluminum.This aluminum produces 20% stronger welds than those of our competitors because their aluminum is not as strong. In fact, 6061-T6 aluminum has similar tensile strength as steel.

Additional Benefits of Aluminum Boat Docks

Aluminum weighs 40-70% less than steel. It is cool to the touch, low-maintenance, and attractive and optionally powder-coated. As such, it provides personalized color options to suit your style.

For all these reasons and more, aluminum is our material of choice for building the best boat docks in the industry. A Wahoo Docks aluminum dock is the highest quality and best value dock you’ll find anywhere!

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